Zoned Out 1

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Don’t believe anything here.

I was walking home from school when suddenly I heard a loud cry that came from what seems to be a dog. I tried to investigate where the sound is coming from but I failed. I’m on the verge of giving up when I heard the cry second time around. This time, the cry didn’t sound a cry-at all. It sounded like a distorted roar. Imagine 4 dogs howling all at the same time, with different pitch, volume and strength-I know, fcking terrifying innit? I am scared but intrigued.

What could that be? I followed it to a nearby abandoned storage few meters from the main road. The building is one hell of a wreck. The roof, if you can still call it a roof, is almost gone, leaving only some wooden supports. The walls are with holes and vines all around it and windows with broken glass.

As I get closer to the storage, the whining keeps getting louder. Now I’m not intrigued. I’m downright scared. As soon as I’m about to turn around and leave I heard a voice. Oh my, a human, it said. The voice sounds awfully similar to the distorted cry.

I thought to my self, fck this, I’m out then I ran as fast as I can towards the main road. I’m almost there, I thought, but then a cold, damp… thing grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me behind a pine tree. Ah shit, I’m done for, I thought.

That wasn’t the case. It put his hand on my mouth, supposedly to stop me from screaming for help. “Quiet, human,” it said, in the most terrifying hiss I have ever heard. “Let them pass,” it said while peeking from behind the tree. I was confused, afraid, and intrigued all at the same time, so I peeked as hard as I can while its arms wrapped around my head.

To be continued…

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