Zoned Out 2

random epic conversation in my head:

Awisan, some sort of a demon lord, kills Patinglad’s wife and daughter.

Patinglad: No…. no.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Awisan: pfft… mhmmm.. mhwuahahahahaha!!!! Witness how easy it is to take life. I took off the chains that binds you, dear brother. Now come, join me as I reform this fcked up world.

Patinglad: ….you……… I……you….

Awisan: you’re not happy with my decision, my dear brother?

Patinglad: I’ll kill you…. kill…… you….

Awisan: Don’t be shy. Speak up muwahahaha!!!!

Patinglad: I’LL FKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patinglad rushed through the sea of dead bodies. He reached for a crimson bastard sword from the body infront of him. He lunged to Awisan.

Awisan: ooooooooohh,, how scary~ hahahahaaha!!!! you think that level of power can get you anywhere? COME, BROTHER, KILL ME… That is if you can… wahahahaahaha!

Patinglad stopped midway as a beam of dark light burst out of the ground, enveloping him completely. He shouted in writhing agony. You can clearly hear his bones being broken. His body is being lifted up by the dark light with his hands stretched outwards.


Nothing. The dark light suddenly vanished, leaving Patinglad standing right where the light burst out. A crimson red smoke is emitting from his body — his bloodlust. There is no sign of movement from the both of them. Awisan, in shock, made the first move as he throw a dagger towards Patinglad’s direction. A few centimeter from his face, the dagger turned into dust.

Awisan: wh-what is this?!

Patinglad, who stood there motionless, finally said a word. Die. The word echoed throughout the plains like a swarm of locusts feasting on a cornfield. This brought fear, for the first time, to the demon lord. Awisan, unable to brush off the fear, spoke..

Awisan: This is nothing… this is not real… ahaha— ahahaha….

He said in a shivering voice.

Patinglad finally made his move. He prepares to step his left foot, and in a blink of an eye, he’s already a few centimeters from Awisan. This shook the demon lord greatly that he stumbled backwards and tripped by the corpse of the travelling merchant. Patinglad swung the bastard sword once. The whole field trembled.

Awisan: Ho-holy shit.. n-n-n-no no no no no….

The demon lord said as he scurried up, still shaking.

Awisan: That smoke… you are not my brother… you are an anitu

Patinglad: Clever. Say your last wish.

Awisan: aha-ahaha-ahahahaha…. a mere anitu, subduing a demon lord… you-YOU’RE JUST A PAWN!!!!!!!

As soon as he said this, Patinglad-or the anitu– swung the sword with great force that the demon lord’s body turned into a blood rain.


My brain shut down after this scene, so, sorry ^^

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